Where to Let Your Dog Off Its Leash in Newcastle

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We are spoilt for choice in the Newcastle area when it comes to getting out and about with four-legged friends. Although Newcastle currently only has one fully-fenced off-leash area, there are plenty of unfenced, spacious and scenic dog parks to let your dog run free and socialise.

Acacia Avenue Off-Leash Dog Park, North Lambton

Let your pal roam free with other dogs in this fenced dog park. It has lots of parking, grassed areas, shaded areas, seating, water, bins and two enclosures, one for larger and active dogs and another for smaller dogs.

Ballast Ground, Stockton

Currently, this unfenced off-leash area is being used as a storage space for the rock bags created to address Stockton Beach erosion issues. When the bags are relocated, the Ballast Ground offers a large, grassy area for your dog to run and play. There is a small amount of seating and shade and it’s a great spot to play with your dog while watching ships enter and leave the harbour. You’ll need to take care that your dog steers clear of cyclists and pedestrians on the bike path that skirts the off-leash area.

Carrington Foreshore, Carrington

This large, unfenced grassed area fronting Throsby Creek is the perfect spot for dogs and puppies to socialise. Again, be aware of pedestrians on the walking path and cautious of the nearby busy roads.

Horseshoe Beach, Newcastle 

Newcastle’s only dog beach. Let your dog have a run and a play along this popular beach and then join them for a swim in the calm waters of the harbour. Plenty of free parking which gets busy on weekends and public holidays. A lovely spot to take your four-legged friend midweek. Great views, bin and water provided.

Islington Dog Park, Islington

Bordering Throsby Creek, with plenty of shade, this peaceful park located close to the city is a great place to socialise your dog. Let them run and play or if they are adventurous they can try the dog agility course located here.

King Edward Park, Newcastle 

The leash-free area located at the top of Newcastle’s historical King Edward Park is a great place to throw a ball or frisbee for your pooch while taking in the stunning ocean views. If you’re walking your dog (on a lead) along the Bather’s Way, it’s the perfect place to stop and rest while your furry friend runs free.

Maryland Drive Reserve, Maryland

A large, open, grassed area to walk and run your dog. Extra care must be taken here as this reserve is unfenced to the main road.

Michael Street Reserve, Lambton

This quieter, large and well-shaded grassed area on the corner of Henry Street and Michael Street, Lambton is a hidden gem and a lovely spot to exercise your dog. Although it is unfenced to the road on one side, the quarry forms a natural fence on the other side.

Nesca Park, Newcastle 

Although unfenced, there are no main roads nearby and you’ll find water and plenty of shade here, making Nesca park a good alternative if you’re looking for a quieter, peaceful off-leash dog area.

Pitt Street Reserve, Stockton

With plenty of parking, this scenic, quiet space has shaded areas and is the perfect spot to take your best friend on a doggy day out. The off-leash area is located to the north of Pitt Street Reserve and is a fabulous spot for dogs to run, play and chase a ball. Once they’ve exerted some energy, clip on the lead and take them for a walk along Shipwreck Walk and the Stockton Breakwall.

Pitt Street Reserve Off-Leash Area, Stockton

Purdue Park, Mayfield

Located off Scholey Street at Mayfield, away from busy roads, Purdue Park offers shade, serenity and lots of grassy space, perfect for exercising and socialising your dog and a great place to chat to other dog-lovers.

Purdue Park, Mayfield Off-Leash Area

Tarro Recreation Area, Tarro

This large, grassed field is located away from busy roads and provides a huge, uncrowded area for your dog to run.

Upper Reserve, Wallsend

A large grassed area with shade, Upper Reserve is located near busy Lake Road, so extra caution is required if running your pooch here.

Time-Restricted Off-Leash Areas

Enjoy an early morning or late afternoon play at these timed off-leash areas in Newcastle. Dogs are allowed off-leash in the following areas from Sunrise to 9am and 5pm to Sunset.

Braye Park, Waratah

Braye Park has amazing views and is located away from busy roads. It is one of the nicest places to watch a sunrise and sunset, although sunrise and/or a morning play with your doggo is probably the better choice.

West End Park, Adamstown

A large field to let your dog run free. Beware of the large drain that runs alongside the park. There is a seat to sit and watch the trains while your dog plays.

Elermore Vale Park, Elermore Vale

Elermore Vale Park is a small, tidy park and a great spot to take let your dog run, play and chase a ball in this area

Dixon Park Reserve, Merewether

A huge area for dogs to run right near the beach. It does get busy, with both dogs and people so ensure that your pooch is sociable before letting them run free here. 

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